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Beginner Juniors Class

The junior's classes are for ages five through twelve.  These classes focus on basic martial arts skills, Discipline, concentration, self confidence, self control and much more.  Classes are forty-five minutes.  We also focus on the children's school performance and grades.  Call today for your one week FREE trial offer.


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Junior Advance Class

Juniors who have earned the rank of Green belt (Roku Kyu) or above may participate in the Junior Advanced Class.  Students are taken through the judo portion of Kajukenpo and continue to develop their skills in basic karate.  The focus of this class is to prepare the juniors for the adult advanced class.


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Adult Beginner's Class

This class is for ages thirteen and up.  The class focus is on fitness and basic martial arts techniques and self defense.  The class is for men and women.  The goal is to teach basic self defense, condition the students and to work on focus.  Students will learn the foundation to Kajukenpo Karate.


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Adult Advance Class

This class is for Green belt (Roku Kyu) adults through Black belt.  Students work together to build their endurance and continue to sharpen their skills as a martial artist.  Most students that reach this level have been training for one year or more.


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Aerobic Kickboxing Class

This class is a forty-five minute cardio workout.  This is for men or women (in any physical condition)ages sixteen and up.  The focus of this class is on conditioning, toning, endurance and building.  You will be shown all of the basic conditioning techniques  of this total body workout, by a certified instructor.  You will learn and perform at your own pace and continue to improve.

We have thirty different class structures that include working with exercise balls, stretch bands, weights, jump ropes, focus pads and free standing bags.  Don't worry if you don't jump rope, we will have you doing something else to keep the workout going.   

Don't wait... call or stop in soon to get started.

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Women's Self Defense Class

These classes are taught by Class Certified instructors and focus on common sense self defense and hands on self defense.  Class is for students age thirteen years and up.  Class covers rear grabs, chokes, ground assaults and much more.

Classes are done in 5 week intervals.  Class is on Tuesday evenings at 7:15 - 8:15 PM.

Call for information on the next 5 week course.


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