Make-a-Wish charities

Make-a-Wish Foundation

The Karate Institute of America has been a proud supporter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation since 1990.  During our 25+ year history, we have raised over $343,000 and have had the pleasure of sponsoring over 50 wishes!

Kick-a-Thon Picnic

For the last 29 years, KIA students have been holding their annual "Kick-a-thon" fundraiser, to raise donations for the make-a-wish charity. Students solicit donations from individuals and local businesses, for the number of kicks they can perform (in one minute) at the annual kick-a-thon picnic. Donations can be on a "per kick" basis, or a flat rate, if the donor prefers.

Some of our more notable donations have been:

  • An anonymous donation of $3,000.00 (as long as black belts performed one kick per dollar!).
  • Another sponsor pledged $10.00 per kick for their favorite student, who performed 176 kicks in a minute, for a $1760.00 donation!
  • One young student, Jacob, performed 160 kicks and raised over $320.00.  The amazing part of the story is that Jacob was also a Make-a-Wish recipient in years past!

Local businesses have also been very generous every year.


Visit our Make-a-Wish / Kick-a-thon photo album
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