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Geauga County Sheriff's Department

Auxiliary Geauga County Sheriff's deputies took to the floor at the Karate Institute of America in Munson to learn self defense techniques and control tactics. The class was led by James Stuber, the chief instructor of the Karate Institute. Mr. Stuber was assisted by several certified instructors from the Karate Institute branches in Cleveland and Munson.

The officers learned eight techniques for submission and control. For example, the officers learned how to defend against being grabbed, as well as how to block and counter being struck. All of the participants practiced with each other, then performed the techniques on the instructors. Next, the instructors taught the auxiliary group how to perform submission techniques such as arm locks and wrist locks, for situations where an assailant has to be subdued.

When the class ended, each of the officers had gained new techniques for self defense and control, as well as new self-confidence from having practiced the techniques against black belts. John Hiscox, the sheriff's office spokesman said that Sheriff Daniel McClelland thinks “It is a good idea for the auxiliary to have this kind of training because they need to know how to handle those kinds of situations.”

The Karate Institute in Munson also conducts Women's Self Defense classes for private groups at the karate school or at a location of the group’s choice.

Jordak Elementary School

Recently, our own Mr. James Hosmer (Ik Kyu, Munson KI) went to Jordak Elementary School (Middlefield, Ohio) to teacher approximately 500 students (YES… Five-HUNDRED students) about self-defense.

In six different sessions, of 45 to 90 students, each grade in the school had a chance to work with Mr. Hosmer, who was assisted by Sensei Stuber (Director of the Munson KI). At the beginning of the lesson, Mr. Hosmer and Sensei Stuber, taught each group of students that the word “karate” means “empty hands.” Students were reminded that using words, telling an adult, or running away from a negative situation are all key steps that should be taken before using self defense. The KI instructors explained that “…Even if one is an accomplished martial artist, karate is never meant to be used in any situation unless absolutely necessary…”

Mr. Hosmer amd Sensei Stuber led each group of students through an energetic warm-up, learning how to “kiai” and testing the students’ focus through a game of “Sensei Says.” The children all found it surprisingly difficult to stand perfectly still for one minute. The KI instructors explained that the sort of self-discipline required to hold still is a good example of the self-discipline that is central to martial arts.

After warming up, Mr. Hosmer and Sensei Stuber worked with each set of students to teach them how to escape from wrist grabs and choke holds. They also taught the students how to defend themselves from an overhead-strike attack. Mr. Hosmer and Sensei Stuber, very obligingly (and gently), presented themselves as “attackers” and gave the students ample opportunity to practice their new self-defense skills.

The instructers talked to each class about the important of self defense, emphasizing that self defense is about much more than kicking and punching. If at all possible, they told the children, go for help. Walking away from a fight or talking one’s way out of it is always preferable to physical confrontation. The children were also given constructive ways to handle teasing and name-calling.

The program for the school was a big success with the students. Mr. Hosmer and Sensei Stuber have been invited back to continue teaching the children these important self-help techniques. Sensei Stuber said, “If our time here helps even one student avoid being bullied or keeps them out of a fight, it is time well spent for us. I think basic self defense is important to everyone, and a little knowledge can go a long way.”

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