KI Summer Games Bike Hike

June 30, 2014 5:14 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

This Summer games was held at East Harbor Park in Marblehead. For the first time in years KIA did not go to Kelleys Island. The weekend started with the bike hike from Cleveland Ohio to East Harbor Park. There were eighteen bikers this year to take on the challenge of the 75 mile hike. The trip began from the Cleveland KI on West 115th & Lorain Ave.. There were many obstacles along the way three flat tires  loose chains, bumpy roads. rain, but that did not stop our riders the last of the group pulled in to camp around 2:30pm. All the riders were equipped with directions phone numbers and a KIA tie dyed Bike Hike T-shirt. Only one rider went of course but was easily found  by Sensei Stuber and Grandmaster Madry and returned to the group. The youngest rider this year was Aidan who finished in the middle of the group and the oldest does not want to be mentioned but they finished the entire bike hike. Once camp was pitched the bikers gathered a round for  burgers and snacks  and then most went of to their tents.

Saturday morning Sensei Maki , Sensei Stuber headed out for the 5 mile run walk or crawl. Surprisingly their were quite a few that woke up for this early morning event. The run was along the harbor shoreline  and through the park. It was a beautiful morning for the run. Afterwards the KIA instructors gathered around for the morning workout.

Sensei Maki , Sensie Slivka , Sensei Capirano , Sensei Vernon and Sensei Stuber were the instructors for the morning workout. Sensei Maki taught wrist lock traps with a weapons. He kept the group thinking and moving the whole time. With only 15 minutes to get the job done each instructor was on their game  wasting no time teaching the group.

Sensei Capirano taught ground fighting for the students which was interesting and a challenge for some who were not familiar with it , but that did not stop them or their effort to get it down.

Sensei Slivka did Chanbara and finished up with King of the ring which was well received by everyone. I do not think anyone minded getting hit in the head even though they did not have on head gear.

Sensei Vernon took the group through some of the techniques from the Kajukenbo system and showed where you can go with what you already know Her double block set with the take down was practiced over and over again and many started to use variations of what she taught to them.

The work out was a great success  good job to all the instructors and participants.


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