KI Summer Games & Bike Hike

July 25, 2016 10:42 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On June 24,2016 at 6:46 am  twenty eight KI Warriors set out on a seventy five mile bike hike to East Harbor Park in Marblehead Ohio. It was a beautiful day and in the low seventies with a little breeze a beautiful day for a bike hike. There were five first time  bikers for this event and each of them made it all the way to the finish line. 

Larry Gray was in the first group with Taylor Slivka and her father Jim Slivka which finished in five hours+.

The last group to come in finished at 2:45 pm finishing the hike in about 8 hours .

The warriors relaxed at the camp site until their 2 mile run and an hour long workout with Grandmaster Madry. Afterwards they all enjoyed bikers stew prepared by Sensei Salvadore.

Saturday morning started out with a 6 am  warrior run  of five miles. Twenty 18 went out on the morning run the bikers along with the sag wagon drivers from Fridays bike hike.The run was completed by everyone by 7:30 am . One hour later the group headed over to the workout area set up for the morning station s workout which featured six KIA black belts teaching various martial arts self defense sets.

First up was Sensei Kevin Salvadore who taught an Aikido techniques.

Sensei Zachary Voelker and Sensei Craig Zemanek entertained the group with a knife defense which had them focusing and thinking hard to make sure they got it correct. Also Sensei Voelker did arm locking techniques with reversal moves that had the students wondering.

 Time ended very quickly for the group or so it seemed as they were really in to it.

Sensei Jay Maki went into control techniques which was fascinating to watch.


Sensei James Stuber  utilized Kung Fu , Aikido,and Kajukenpo to show the many similarities and the different approaches to self defense.

All of the instructors did a great job and the students were very focused throughout the workout.

Next up was the 2016 Kick off for the title of Grand champion kicker for our Make A Wish Fundraiser.

The kickers were Stephanie Watts Garcia driving all the way from St. Louis Missouri to attend and Sensei Capirano from the Cleveland KI were are kickers this year.

The kickers kicked for 1 minute and the results were totaled but the announcement was not revealed until after dinner and the KI Trivia was over.

The tally in case you were wondering was 46 kicks to 45kicks   WINNER 

Stephanie Watts-Garcia 2016 Grand Champion Kicker


Congratulations to both kickers a job well done.



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