Kajukenbo Seminar comes to KIA

November 15, 2015 4:47 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On November 12,2015 three Kajukenbo instructors from California flew in fort the 46th KI National weekend. This was not their only purpose  they also came in to meet Soke Caraulia the founder of the Karate Institute of America and work with the KIA students.  Grandmaster Jess Corpus , Professor Jerry Corpus and Eric Corpus flew in Thursday and came to the Cleveland KI to teach Kajukenbo workshop. The workout started at 7pm. The introduction was about the Kajukenbo connection to the Kajukenpo connection and many other styles. Some history was shared by Grandmaster Corpus and then the fun began.Each instructor conducted a thirty minute workout Grandmaster Corpus was knife defenses with the adult group and empty hand Kajukenbo self defense with the junior ranks.

Professor Jerry Corpus worked with the Kai sticks and the Kubaton. 

Eric Corpus worked with the Sai.

Each instructor time to show how to use weapon or defend against the attack with the weapon. After the groups had rotated to all three instructors they were called together as Grandmaster Corpus continued to talk and have the students as questions

Professor Corpus encouraged everyone to ask questions . Saying Ask  questions whether you think their silly or not. If you do you are only a fool for a second if you never ask you are a fool for life.

The workout ended at 9:45 way passed the 8:30 time limit but I did not hear anyone complaining.

I hope all who attended took home some new information.

I for one enjoyed the evening workout and am glad these instructors came to KI to work with our group.

I saw and heard the same mentality and philosophies talk at the Karate Instituter of America.Learn and share what you learn and pass it along to others so we all may grow in our knowledge.



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