46th KIA National Weekend

November 15, 2015 5:07 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On November 14,2015 the 46th KI National weekend was held at the American Croatian Hall in Eastlake, Ohio.

The day began with Black Belt testing at 9am. The candidates were Regan Onda from Munson KI and Brandon Bryant from the Cleveland KI.  The test Board  consisted of The founder of the Karate Institute of America Soke Caraulia , Grandmaster Madry, Grandmaster Swartz  from KI Tang Soo Do, Grandmaster Jesse Corpus from Kajukenbo , Master James Stuber, Sensei Jay Maki  Sensei Tim Brandes , and Sensei Juli Madry.

Quite a line up to perform in front of 1 Soke , 3 Grandmaster, 1 Master and 4 Sensei's all 4th degrees.

The candidate performed well and represented KI well during their test they each showed spirit and leadership through out their test. Which is something KIA test board looks for in each candidate.

after reviewing the test candidates the Board came back with their decision.

The announcement came from Grandmaster Eugene Madry that Regan Onda was the Newest KIA black Belt. After shaking hands with the testing board Sensei Onda proceeded around the room and down the line of approximentley  25 more black belts in attendance.

After receiving her certificate and belt she was given 10 seconds to take off her old belt and put on the new one. The black belts were kind enough to count it down as Master Stuber held the stop watch. No Pressure.Needless to say it is a good thing black belts do not know how to count.

The next announcement was to acknowledge the next newest Shodan Sensei Brandon Bryant. After alot of long hugs to each of the black belts and his ukes Sensei Bryant was given the same 10 seconds to put on the beltOnce again the Black belts came through unable to count down to zero. Each of the candidates then turned and applauded their ukes and the group was bowed out.

The energy and the transformation  of the two brown belts to black belts was great to see as for those of you that have made the journey know that feeling and those of you who are approaching it will know the feeling to when your day comes to be a KI Black belt.

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