2015 KI National Awards

November 15, 2015 7:05 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

The KI National awards dinner and party began about 6:30 Saturday night at the Croatian Hall about 100 people gathered for the awards ceremony and party.

After dinner the awards ceremony was opened with the KI Kick A Thon stories of old by Sensei James Stuber the KIA Kick A Thon Director. Many stories were shared about kids and adults with the KIA and how they raised their sponsorship money over the years for Make A Wish. Stories about a young boy giving up 3 months of his allowance to donate to the cause for a grand total of $12.00 seemed to touch many in the audience.

Other stories told of many generous local businesses and how they support the Karate Institute of America's cause toward Make A Wish.It was announced that the Kick A Thon event has raised over 386,171.15 since the beginning in 1990 for the Make A Wish Foundation of Ohio and Michigan.

Michele from the Make A Wish Foundation attended the awards to present the Karate Institute of America with an appreciation plaque with their Make A Wish child story on it for all to see and the big check was presented by KIA to Make A Wish and Michele for 2015 with a total of $11,171.15 raised between Ohio KI and Michigan KI Schools.

Great job ladies and gentlemen.

Sensei Maki announced all of the individual awards for each school for 2015 many were in attendance and very surprised.

Grandmaster Madry continued the awards ceremony with the KIA Points tournament Divisional  awards.

The last announcement of the awards was the 2015 Points Champion

This years honor went to Hubert Hoffman from the Munson KI

Congratulations to all on their achievements this year.

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