Master Luis Dabila

October 01, 2016 12:51 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

Master Luis Dabila passed away today October 1,2016. 

Master Dabila trained with grandmaster Caraulia way back in the early 70's and was a loyal KIA instructor. 

Master Dabila was the KIA historian any time a question arose about past KIA instructors or events he was our go to guy. He always remembered  who or when or what happened with  the KIA events.

Master Dabila had the KI Golden Pyramid dojo for many years. He was a member of the PKC karate organization and was recognize by many different organizations for his dedication to the martial arts.  Master Dabila held rank in different styles as well as Kajukenpo. 

He will be remembered for many things by many people who have competed, trained or just talked with him

I will remember many moments in the times I had with Master Dabila 

I remember competing at the American Warrior tournament years ago and we both finished in the Top. Three in kata beating out slot of younger black belts. And I said to a couple of them that they just got beat by a 67 year old man. Master Dabila hearing me said quit telling everyone how old I am. I meant it as a compliment that he was still

Competing at 67 beating out he young puppies. He did not care as long as his age was not revealed. 

Our KI snowmobile trip was the story for a long time master Dabila flew off his snowmobile and landing on the ground hard.  We sent someone to check on him and we heard GET AWAY FROM ME KID

We knew he was good. 

Master Dabila is gone but we will never forget him that I am sure. 

To all of the Dabila family you are in our thoughts. 

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