Kajukenbo Seminar

November 06, 2016 9:34 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On November 4th at the Munson KI Grandmaster Corpus along with Professor Corpus from the California Kajukenbo group taught a seminar to about 36 participants from Kajukenbo group in Oberlin Ohio and students the Karate Institute of America in Chardon Cleveland and Twinsburg Ohio.

The seminar went on for over two hours and the as the students were given kali sticks to perform self defense techniques used in Kajukenbo from the Tony Ramos self defense sets.

The energy was very high throughout the night as students ranging from intermediate through black belt worked together.

Both instructors took a group and worked with them on self defense techniques as the y got comfortable they moved the groups around the room.

The seminar ended with a black belt promotion of Mr. Ray Anderson .

Grand Master Corpus led the ceremony as all the students watched on students from Mr. Anderson school and the students from the Karate Institutes schools.

Kajukenbo is the original style Soke Algene Caraulia trained in under Tony Ramos and found the Kajukenpo system we all study under today with the Karate Institute of America.

It was great to have both styles come together and workout. As students were shown what to do some of the KIA black belts began to adapt their new found self defense into something else.

It was a true night of martial arts training and sharing with one another .

For those who missed this opportunity Grand Master Corpus has already planned to come back next year to ejoy the KI National weekend with us.

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