KI Black Belt Test November 5,2016

November 07, 2016 5:51 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On November 5,2016 the KI National weekend was held at the American Croatian Hall in Eastlake Ohio.

In attendance were students and instructors from Ohio , Michigan and our brothers from California . Styles represented were Kajukenpo, Tang Soo Do  and Kajukenbo.

The weekend began with a seminar on Friday night at Munson KI . over 35 students came to learn Kajukenbo self defense from Grandmaster Corpus. (see post in KI News for more information)

Saturday morning started the day with the Black Belt Style test for two candidates Josh Peters 3rd degree  candidate and James Hosmer a 1st degree candidate.This would be their final part of their test in their quest to reach their respective ranks.The candidates had already passed their 3 hour physical and technical test in September.

This test has several requirements to pass. They must submit an outline of what they will be doing, the outline must be followed exactly, candidates must show basic to advanced self defense, their required katas ,they must stay in the time frame for their rank 8-12 minutes. for 1st and 2nd degree, requested time for higher ranks and they must show leadership and organizational skills.Any deviation from the outline ,lack of organization , lack of leadership, lack of self defense skills or going over or under the time frames is a failure in the portion of the test and candidates must wait six months to try again.

The candidates began at 8:30 with the programs. First up was James Hosmer the Shodan candidate  who started at the age of eight with Munson KI and Josh Peter  Sandan Candidate(3rd Degree) who also started at the age of eight. both are now married and have their own children. Sensei Josh Peters twin girls have just began their training at Munson KI.

The Ukes were flying around the hall for the next twenty five minutes as the candidates performed their test.

At the conclusion of their style test the test board of Soke Algene Caraulia (founder of Karate Institute of America) Grandmaster Madry , Grandmaster Corpus & Professor Corpus ( Kajukenbo) Dave Wolff KI Tang Soo Do) Jay Maki ,Julie Madry and James Stuber adjourned to discus the results of the test.The results oif the test had to be unanimous by the board. One no pass vote meant failure for either candidate. After 30 minutes of discussion the board returned with the results. It was unanimous for both candidates the board felt they had both met their requirements and were to be promotes to their rank.

The candidates lined up and all the Black belts in the room lines up on the side as each were given the moment in time which KIA calls the Rites of Passage. It is a moment i can tell you a candidate for black belt will always remember. It is a great feeling. Congratulations to both candidates.

See KI National post for tournament information that immediately followed the testing.

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