KI National Championship Tournament Team Fighting.

November 07, 2016 6:22 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

The tournament began with Team fighting. All of the KI Points divisional winners from 2016 squared off for team fighting. the team captains were Zachary Voelker from Twinssburg KI and Joseph Rangel from Munson KI.

The Teams were Team A Sensei Voelker, Michael Secora,Rayma Johnson,Victor Wagner, Vincent Koludrovich, and Jordan Koby the youngest team member.

Team B Sensei Rangel, Christian Loucka , Erica Olszewski, Aaron Granoff, Joseph Shamosh and Evan Sike Team B's youngest fighter.

The teams lined up and bowed in . The first two fighters were sent in the matches were 90 seconds long and Team competition was to be decided by total point scored at the end by each team.

The fighting was quick and controlled throughout the competition after 3 matches the teams were tied at 15/15 after the fourth match the score was 22/16 after the fifth match the score was 23/23 tied up again and after the final match the score ended at 27/26 for the winner Team A.

Both teams lined up and bowed out they shook hands and exchanged a small gift in appreciation of their competition together.

Just a small note Since 2006 Team A has gone undefeated. No matter who makes up the team they always seem to win. Great job by all  

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