KI Awards and Promotion

November 07, 2016 7:21 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

After the kick a thon awards were over the school awards were presented by Grand Master Madry and Sensei Jay Maki. These awards are given to students from each dojo for many things throughout their year of training such as Competitor of the year, Junior Warrior, Outstanding student, Most Improved , Instructor, Contributor and KI Spirit Awards our highest award. The individual school directors and instructors decide who will receive these awards as the students earn them in the dojo and outside the dojo.

Some awards are presented at the individual dojo's as sometimes students can not make the weekend.

After our school awards . the KI Points tournament Divisional champions were announced. These were presented by Grand Master Madry and Sensei Kevin Salvadore. After the division awards were presented it was time to announce the 2016  KI Points Champion Grand Master Madry did the drum roll and impersonation of Vanna White displaying the Jacket . which was a varsity leather sleeved black jacket with the KI logo embroidered on the back in black and on the front it had the 2016 points champion and the students name in Gold lettering. This years honor went to Vincent Koludrovich from the Twinsburg KI.

He his parents and his instructor had no idea this was happening as results were not given out until tonight. Great job Vincent. I have to say the black jacket went perfectly with Vincent's outfit Saturday he was dressed in all black dress shirt and pants.

Great job young man KIA is proud of your accomplishment.

The day was not done check out KI Lifetime achievement awards post.

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