Soke Algene Caraulia Promotion

November 08, 2016 6:39 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

Soke Algene Caraulia was honored on Saturday night by the Kajukenbo Organization that he started his training in many years ago. Soke Caraulia is the founder of the Karate Institute of America and developed Kajukenpo from his training in Kajukenpo & Judo. (See KI history on web site for more details )

Grandmaster Corpus from the Kajukenbo organization wanted to honor Soke Caraulia at the National weekend by presenting his rank of black belt in Kajukenbo which Soke Caraulia had not finished mainly because he came to the mainland US leaving Hawaii continuing training and life on the mainland.

Soke Caraulia went on to accomplish many things He competed in tournaments all over the country winning many titles.He trained in judo with his instructor Gene Wyka in Chicago. He went on to win many titles in Judo.

He is the first World Karate Champion winning that honor back min 1963. He was involved with the AAU.

Soke Caraulia has been is sports karate illustrated, he is in the Who is Who in Martial arts, he competed and is friends with many martial artist you might know Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Hidy Ochi, Mike Stone Bill Superfoot Wallace Bob Wahl. 

 He developed a program called CPI ( Crisis Prevention Intervention) which is used all over the world.  

The list of his credentials goes on and on.He is the reason the KIA group is together and strong.

Any where we go and people see the KI logo usually the first thing we hear is how is Algene doing or you are with KI and Algene.

I was in Hawaii competing many years ago and a gentlemen walked by and saw the Patch and said to me Hey that is my brother patch. I said nice to meet. His brother had all of his nieces and nephews were at the tournament competing .I can't help to wonder who was responsible for their interest in the Arts. Any Guesses?

Soke Caraulia's influence on people is amazing. He is a legend to the martial arts and is the reason we are all here.

So Saturdays presentation was a pleasure to watch and long overdue as Grand Master Corpus had stated.

KI students if you ever get the chance to workout with Soke Caraulia or even just talk to him at an event do not pass it up. He is always open and eager to talk with students about training and life.

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