KI Summer Games Bike Hike

June 29, 2017 6:02 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On June 23,2017  fourteen riders set out on the KI annual Warrior weekend which began with a 75 mile bike ride from Cleveland KI to East Harbor Park. The weather was pleasant with a chance of rain as the group lined up in front of the Cleveland KI for the group photo. Officially at 6:33 am the group headed out led by Sensei Joseph Rangel  

Sensei Maki took the lead in the bike hike on his recumbent bike and finish the hike first. Followed by Joseph Rangel Leah  Harper, Adam Kreigh and Kathleen Vernon . The day was full of surprises three flat tires  bicycle breakdowns people breakdown. The weather was a factor in the hike this year the riders experienced drizzling  rain, Heavy rain .monsoon rains high winds and even a little sun of and on throughout  the day. One big obstacle was the flooding roads that made the  hike much more fun i mean difficult,

It truly was a test of spirit regardless how far these fourteen riders peddled they all showed great spirit in taking on the challenge.

The t shirts came  in handy this year as all bikers directions were soaked and unreadable so the joke of putting the directions on the shirt worked out perfectly as that is what we used to get to the finish line that the sag wagon group and determination..

Thanks to our set up crew Sensie Salvadore, John Smith, Sensei Maki  Grandmaster Madry, and Julie Madry

GREAT JOB by all

Sensei Stuber

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