Master Jay Maki Black Belt Test

June 29, 2017 8:53 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On Saturday June 24,2017 Sensei Jay Maki performed his style test at East Harbor Park. Sensei Maki was aided by Ukes  Sensei Julie Madry, Sensei Josh Peters Sensei Kevin Salvadore and Sensei Wayne Guest. The five but on quite a performance for the KIA testing board.

Sensei Maki used various weapons in his program showing many restraint holds and take downs. He performed a Jo Kata which many have never seen and might have thought it was a bo staff. 

There was a bar scene in the program that had the audience laughing.

The finale in the program was a concert family event that showed self defense using a fold up camping chair and even a water bottle .

The program lasted about 14 minutes and it took the testing board about the same time to decide Sensei Maki was what they looked for in a higher Dan level.

While his program was full of different and some unique self defense but It was not the only reason for this promotion to 5th degree black belt on this day.

No another factor was Sensei Maki used people from the Ohio region from Cleveland KI and Munson KI in his program . He worked around their schedules and his to make this happen. He traveled three different times to Ohio to meet with his group taking 3 days to a week  out of his schedule each trip to make sure his program was together and ready for the board. The testing Board recognized this and decided this is the kind of dedication and leadership they like to see in all their black belts,


Master Jay Maki

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