All Dojo Workout

August 11, 2017 6:47 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On Thursday August 10,2017 KIA students from Munson and Cleveland attended the second all dojo workout at the Cleveland KI . Twice a year KIA students from all the schools get together and workout. The first this year was held at the Twinsburg KI. All students are invited to this event. It is a great opportunity to workout with the KIA group . It is what KIA is all about . While the first workout had more students in attendance from all the Ohio schools this workout saw half that number but the enthusiasm and effort was no less. 

I for one have been attending these all dojo workouts for over 30 years and never get tired of them.Especially when I get to be a student everyone and a while. This year Grandmaster Madry did the entire group and I was paired off with Zoe Santiago a young advanced junior from Cleveland KI. We were doing kicking drills and she was giving it her all and it was my privilege to work with her  and encourage. She did not quit and should great spirit.

I also got to work with William Murphy a young brown belt from Cleveland KI as we were attacking each other Grandmaster Madry encouraged William to attack me hard and told him if he hit me hard he would give him a dollar .  so as William punched I stood still and took a couple of punches. I am not sure GrandMaster Madry paid up the $2.00 he owed but it sure made the drill a lot of fun after the offer.

We also had four young peewee novice from Munson and Cleveland KI join the workout i believe they enjoyed the workout out as much as the adult students did. Working with Grandmaster Madry under the Guidence of Sensei Julie Madry and Sensei Rick Capirano.

I also had the opportunity at the end of the workout to work with these young future KIA black belts. 

 For those that missed this workout you can mark your calendars for 2018 in April Munson KI will host the next all dojo workout.

Again to those in attendance Thank You for the opportunity of working out with you.

Sensei Stuber

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