Ki Points Tournament

September 23, 2017 1:00 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On September 16, 2017 about 35 competitors competed in the last points tournament of the year.The tournament was held at the Munson KI. Students from  Twinsburg KI, Cleveland KI and Munson KI came together for the competition.

After many announcements the tournament began with Chanbara padded weapons fighting.The competition was fun to watched as competitors tried to score on one another with the padded swords.

The competition was strong and the commaradarie  between competitors was what competition is all about.

The Mini peewee division is always great to watch as they learn the art of competition 

Kenton Ushiroda finished first in this division followed by Roshnee Deshpande in second Katie Siko in third and Sawyer Klis in fourth.

These young competitors showed excellent discipline and sportsmanship. I especially want to compliment Kenton Ushiroda for his focus , Discipline and behavior throughout the tournament.

Next was the Pewee Division Riley Cook took first with a strong kata followed by Jordan Koby in second and Mackenzie Siko in third.

The brown belt division was the largest division hosted twelve competitors

Taking top honor in kata was Dana Buzzelli  In second was William Murphy third place went to Alex King and fourth place went to Emily Brush

The difference in placing between 1st and 8th place in the Brown Belt Division was 4 tenths of a point some competitors were separated by .02 of a point that is how close competition was in this group.

The junior advanced belts had 7 competitors a small group for this division but no less competitive.

Vincent Koludrovich took top honor followed by Aaron Granoff edged out of first by only .02 of a point.

third went to Quinn Dallet and fourth place Rayma Johnson.Another tight scoring division First thru fourth separated by only .27 of a point.

Overall competition was strong and competitive throughout the day. My Congratulations to all competitors. 

Take care hope to see you at the November 11th  KI Tournament in Eastlake 

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