TaiChi Yoga Kung Fu Seminar

October 08, 2017 4:08 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On Saturday October 7,2017 about 20 KIA students and family members from Cleveland KI and Munson KI gathered at the Munson KI for a seminar 

TaiChi taught by Sensei Julie Madry from Cleveland KI and Yoga taught by Jeanette Peters the King Fu was taught by Sensei James Stuber.

All are members of the KI Family.he seminar began with Yoga Jeanette Peters took the group through an hour of Yoga focusing on positions and breathing the group was focused the whole time. They found out what a great exercise Yoga is for the body as well as the mind.

Next was TaiChi Sensei Madry taught this portion with such a relaxing tone the group had no trouble following her instructions. After the hour  of TaiChi our group had a better understanding of TaiChi and how moving so slow was not so easy.

The last was Kung Fu Sensei Stuber took the group through part of the Shaulin Kung Fu Dragon form and then applied a couple of self defense  sets from the movement so the group understood what they we're doing.

After the 3 hour seminar I think the group had a better understanding of these three different disciplines

Great job by the instructors and participants.

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