KI black belt testing

November 14, 2017 7:08 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)
Friday November 10th marked the beginning of the 48th KI National weekend which was held at the American Croatian Hall. The night started out with black belt testing style testin

The three candidates performed in front of the KI testing board which this year was comprised of Soke Caraulia he founder of the Karate Institute of  America,Grandmaster Madry Master Stuber,Master Jay Maki ,Master Bryan Levy KI Tang Soo Do,Master Daryl Palm KI Tango Soo Do  and Sensei Julie Madry. The seven member  testing board had  over 275 of martial arts experience between them.

The candidates showed  why they were there in front of the board and the audience by showing their skills leadership,organizational, technical and physical skills. 

After all the candidates were finished the Board resided to vote if he candidates did enough to pass their style test. 

The results came back and were announced to the audience and the candidates and the results were  KI has 2 new Shodan (1st degree) black belts Sensei Bob Kreigh and Sensei John Smith  

And the third candidate being promoted to Sandan (3rd degree) was Sensei Rick Capirano. Congratulations to the candidates and their Ukes 

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