KI National tournament

November 14, 2017 7:50 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

As an instructor with KI it is always a pleasure to see students from all the KI schools competing throughout he year. I enjoy watching as the students grow in their skill level in competition but more importantly in the maturity as a martial artist and their respect for others. 

This weekend competition was no different I saw students conversing and helping each other out throughout the event in the competition. This might surprise others not with KI  because they are all competing against each other and have the desire to win. They put that aside and help other become better while still competing. 

The KI instructors should be proud of the martial artist they are developing for our future as the KI Board is proud of all of them. 

I heard judges encouraging students throughout the day and letting them know that only hundredths of a point separated many of them in the results. While everyone wants to win that trophy or medal that is not why you compete . We compete to make ourselves better and make others better the trophy or medal are the results of our hard work. 

I want to congratulate all competitors for going out and doing your best Saturday you made all the KI instructors proud  

Sensei Stuber

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