KI Points Tournament Cleveland KI

April 16, 2018 7:41 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

On Sunday April 15,2018 about 45 competitors gathered at the Cleveland KI to Compete in the Ki Points tournament. There were several competitors competing for the first time. 

The KI Black belt Divisions of Forms and Weapons went immediately following three rings of Competitive Chanbara ( Padded Weapons Fighting)

The black belts showed their skills performing forms from different styles other than the KI Kajukenpo style in which they train.

After the black belts the Adult Kyu ranks and Juniors performed there weapons forms with great control.

The Mini Peewee division in Kata was center stage as it should be these young students will be our future instructors and leaders.

The Junior advanced and Peewee divisions were the largest  and the competition was tough.

Some placing in the peewee Novice , Peewee Advanced and the Junior Advanced forms were separated by .01 or .02 of a point. Meaning the competitors were very close in their skill level in all these divisions.a missed step of stance was probably the difference in these divisions. Great job.

Most of the sparring matches I saw had the scores 3-2 final  some were 3-1 and 3-0 but for the most part sparring had very close matches. Keep training. 

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