50th KI Summer Games

June 20, 2019 7:02 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

on June 13-16th  the Karate Institute of America celebrated the 50th anniversary of the organization. The event was held at Mill creek Camp in Mackinaw City . Over 50 people from the Munson KI , Cleveland KI and the Copper Country KI attended the event.The weekend started off in grand fashion with a 730 am workout with Grand master Madry Assisted by Sensei Josh Peters which was held out doors about 25 students took part in the early morning  workout. Next up was the Senior belt /General belt test which was also held outdoors.

The rest of the day was free to explore the fort the town or Mackinaw Island.

The evening continued at 7 pm with Black Belt Style testing . Alex King was testing for his 1st degree Black Belt.

Mr. King completed his program and the testing board announced its newest KIA black Belt Sensei Alex King.

the audience clapped and cheered the results and the group was bowed out . The excitement wen t on through the night and it was obvious the Sensei Kings mother and father weer proud of their son.

I know as his instructor iI was proud if his performance.

Saturday was more of the same. 6 am morning run/walk 5 miles followed by an hour and a half workout with Master Maki , Jeanette Peters , Sensei Joseph Rangel and Sensei i Stuber .the students and parents  all joined in the workout. Yoga, Self Defense , work place self defense and Kung Fu were taught to the group. The energy level was very high. 

After the workout the KIck A Thon Kick off began Joe and Joseph kickoff for the Grand Champion Kicker title. When it was over the results showed Joseph Rangel will hold the title until next years event. Great job by both the kickers.

The Summer Games followed the kick off as usual they were interesting and challenging. Blindfolded Kata , Bo Staff balloon break JUmp rope belt race and the golf ball relay.

After the games everyone headed out to  explore the area.

The evening continued with thte KI Trivia and a new 20 question challenge topics from karate techniques to movies to state capitals challenged the teams at the evening summer games .

.This weekend set the tone for the rest of the year,

November  2019 marks the 50th Anniversary  of the organization

I hope to see you all there to help us celebrate  50 years of Tradition.

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