50th KI National Weekend Black Belt Test results

November 10, 2019 6:37 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

The KI 50th National weekend was held on November 8-9 ,2019 at the the American Croatian Hall in Eastlake Ohio.

Over 200 People attended this event over the weekend. The weekend began with Black belt testing on Friday night over 100 people came to support the black belt Candidates William Murphy-Hoffman, Brian Bryant and Sensei Josh Peters.The candidates  presented themselves to the testing board which consisted of Soke AlGene Caraulia Grandmaster Eugene Madry, Grandmaster Dave Swartz, Master Jay Maki, James Stuber and Julie Madry.

The testing board combined with over 250 years over experience in the martial. The candidates showcased their skills to the Testing board  . They showed everything from basic  to advanced self defense, Weapons Self Defense 

Multi Man Self Defense Kata  Board Breaking  and even light saber self defense .The candidates finished their Programs  and awaited the decision of the KIA Testing Board.

The testing board returned and announced the results  but before the final results were read all the KI Black Belts were asked to line up  for the ceremony.

This portion of the test is called a Style Test and is also the Rights of Passage. The candidates had to show Leadership skills , organizational skills, basic to advanced self defense  All required material stay within the time allotment and follow their outline . If the do not follow these requirements they could fail their test.

All the Black belts line up to welcome the new black belts when they are promoted.

Grandmaster Madry introduced the Newest KI  Shodans (1st Degree black Belts) Sensei William Murphy & Sensei Brain Bryant 

Soke AlGene Caraulia then announced the newest Yondan (4th Degree) Sensei Josh Peters.

This is a moment every student will remember in the martial arts training . That is the day the put on their Black Belt.

every time I see it take place I remember the day I put mine on for the first Time. What a feeling.

What a night

Congratulations to our new KI Black Belts Sensei William Murphy-Hoffman and Sensei Brian Bryant from the Cleveland KI and Sensei Josh Peters our newest 4th degree Black Belt from the Munson KI.

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