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  • June 29, 2017 9:08 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    The Summer Games truly was a warrior weekend.Monsoon weather for a bike hike . two mile run after the hike 1 hour workout with Grandmaster Madry on wet muddy grass Dinner and shower and sleep. only to wake up Saturday Morning for a 5 mile run  and an hour and a half workout with Sensei Reggie Brown. Sensei Josh Peters, Sensei Kathleen and Sensei James Vernon, Sensei Julie Madry and Sensei Stuber. from ground fighting to Kung Fu and ever Reiki ( Meditation ) Afterwards the brutal Summer Games followed by mind boggling KI Summer Games Trivia.

    Campfire Smores and friendship and the finale of the weekend Breakfast Sunday morning at the Big Boppers.

    A KIA tradition that began 20 years ago with the KI Summer Games Warriors

  • June 29, 2017 8:53 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On Saturday June 24,2017 Sensei Jay Maki performed his style test at East Harbor Park. Sensei Maki was aided by Ukes  Sensei Julie Madry, Sensei Josh Peters Sensei Kevin Salvadore and Sensei Wayne Guest. The five but on quite a performance for the KIA testing board.

    Sensei Maki used various weapons in his program showing many restraint holds and take downs. He performed a Jo Kata which many have never seen and might have thought it was a bo staff. 

    There was a bar scene in the program that had the audience laughing.

    The finale in the program was a concert family event that showed self defense using a fold up camping chair and even a water bottle .

    The program lasted about 14 minutes and it took the testing board about the same time to decide Sensei Maki was what they looked for in a higher Dan level.

    While his program was full of different and some unique self defense but It was not the only reason for this promotion to 5th degree black belt on this day.

    No another factor was Sensei Maki used people from the Ohio region from Cleveland KI and Munson KI in his program . He worked around their schedules and his to make this happen. He traveled three different times to Ohio to meet with his group taking 3 days to a week  out of his schedule each trip to make sure his program was together and ready for the board. The testing Board recognized this and decided this is the kind of dedication and leadership they like to see in all their black belts,


    Master Jay Maki

  • June 29, 2017 6:02 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On June 23,2017  fourteen riders set out on the KI annual Warrior weekend which began with a 75 mile bike ride from Cleveland KI to East Harbor Park. The weather was pleasant with a chance of rain as the group lined up in front of the Cleveland KI for the group photo. Officially at 6:33 am the group headed out led by Sensei Joseph Rangel  

    Sensei Maki took the lead in the bike hike on his recumbent bike and finish the hike first. Followed by Joseph Rangel Leah  Harper, Adam Kreigh and Kathleen Vernon . The day was full of surprises three flat tires  bicycle breakdowns people breakdown. The weather was a factor in the hike this year the riders experienced drizzling  rain, Heavy rain .monsoon rains high winds and even a little sun of and on throughout  the day. One big obstacle was the flooding roads that made the  hike much more fun i mean difficult,

    It truly was a test of spirit regardless how far these fourteen riders peddled they all showed great spirit in taking on the challenge.

    The t shirts came  in handy this year as all bikers directions were soaked and unreadable so the joke of putting the directions on the shirt worked out perfectly as that is what we used to get to the finish line that the sag wagon group and determination..

    Thanks to our set up crew Sensie Salvadore, John Smith, Sensei Maki  Grandmaster Madry, and Julie Madry

    GREAT JOB by all

    Sensei Stuber

  • February 03, 2017 8:09 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    KIA will be holding Ring captains/Score keeper training sessions beginning February 14 & 16 at the Munson KI times are 5 pm or 5:45 pm also February 21 & 23  same time s . These are Tuesday and Thursday sessions . All parents or students the wish to help out can attend.

    The Cleveland KI will hold a training session on March the 18th Saturday at 11:30 am during their Competition class.

    There will be future sessions throughout 2017 at all the KI schools . We need your help during our 2017 KI points tournament events. Please call Sensei Stuber at 440-285 0871 or email at 

  • November 08, 2016 11:19 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    Click on link below for complete tournament results.

    KI National Tournament Results.doc

  • November 08, 2016 6:39 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    Soke Algene Caraulia was honored on Saturday night by the Kajukenbo Organization that he started his training in many years ago. Soke Caraulia is the founder of the Karate Institute of America and developed Kajukenpo from his training in Kajukenpo & Judo. (See KI history on web site for more details )

    Grandmaster Corpus from the Kajukenbo organization wanted to honor Soke Caraulia at the National weekend by presenting his rank of black belt in Kajukenbo which Soke Caraulia had not finished mainly because he came to the mainland US leaving Hawaii continuing training and life on the mainland.

    Soke Caraulia went on to accomplish many things He competed in tournaments all over the country winning many titles.He trained in judo with his instructor Gene Wyka in Chicago. He went on to win many titles in Judo.

    He is the first World Karate Champion winning that honor back min 1963. He was involved with the AAU.

    Soke Caraulia has been is sports karate illustrated, he is in the Who is Who in Martial arts, he competed and is friends with many martial artist you might know Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, Hidy Ochi, Mike Stone Bill Superfoot Wallace Bob Wahl. 

     He developed a program called CPI ( Crisis Prevention Intervention) which is used all over the world.  

    The list of his credentials goes on and on.He is the reason the KIA group is together and strong.

    Any where we go and people see the KI logo usually the first thing we hear is how is Algene doing or you are with KI and Algene.

    I was in Hawaii competing many years ago and a gentlemen walked by and saw the Patch and said to me Hey that is my brother patch. I said nice to meet. His brother had all of his nieces and nephews were at the tournament competing .I can't help to wonder who was responsible for their interest in the Arts. Any Guesses?

    Soke Caraulia's influence on people is amazing. He is a legend to the martial arts and is the reason we are all here.

    So Saturdays presentation was a pleasure to watch and long overdue as Grand Master Corpus had stated.

    KI students if you ever get the chance to workout with Soke Caraulia or even just talk to him at an event do not pass it up. He is always open and eager to talk with students about training and life.

  • November 07, 2016 7:52 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    The lifetime achievement awards were acknowledged Grand Master Madry and Sensei Stuber took the stage to present one more award. The award was the Gold KI Logo on the Black Belt. This award is worn by those KI members that have made contributions to the Karate Institute of America over the years to their students , to other schools students and to students outside of the KIA. They do not hesitate to take on the things they are asked and always keep in mind the benefit for everyone involved.These people have been active in KIA events Summer Games, National Weekend,  The Kick A Thon, KI Points Tournaments Outside tournaments and always represent the KIA the way they are expected to.They are always there to led a hand ,support and encouragement. I asked to be able to present this at the awards Saturday night as the last time it was given out it was to me by Grandmaster Madry in 2003. There a very few that wear the logo on there belt I for one am proud to wear it and it was a pleasure to present it to Sensei Wayne Guest on Saturday night in front of his KIA family and friends.

    Congratulations Sensei Guest 

  • November 07, 2016 7:37 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    This award was to recognize instructors that have been with the KIA for over twenty five years and have been active throughout those year helping KIA to grow and get better. Some are always helping with events, some are competitors, some are School directors some are all of the above no matter they are all very important to the development of the KIA and the continuation of its future Without instructors like these we could not continue to grow.

    Grandmaster Madry and myself recognized these instructors and wanted everyone to know that they have not gone unnoticed  and are deserving of this recognition. 

    The KI Lifetime Achievment Awards went to 

    Sensei Reggi Brown 3rd degree Director of Twinsburg , KI Director and KI Competitor

    Sensei Julie Madry Class A Instructor , Instructor Cleveland KI, first 4th degree female instructor with KI

    Sensi James Vernon Instructor Munson KI, Summer games event helper, Class A 3rd dan 

    Sensei Jay Maki Director Copper country KI Class A , National weekend Director with KI Summer games director for Michigan and 4th degree

    Sensei Wayne Guest  2nd degree , Instructor Munson KI, Guest Bo's , Summer games event coordinator 

    Kick A thon helper.

     As you can see these instructors do many things and have accomplished many things with KIA  and I jhave only listed a few.

    Congratulations to all of you you deserved this award and recognition in front of your KIA family.

  • November 07, 2016 7:21 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    After the kick a thon awards were over the school awards were presented by Grand Master Madry and Sensei Jay Maki. These awards are given to students from each dojo for many things throughout their year of training such as Competitor of the year, Junior Warrior, Outstanding student, Most Improved , Instructor, Contributor and KI Spirit Awards our highest award. The individual school directors and instructors decide who will receive these awards as the students earn them in the dojo and outside the dojo.

    Some awards are presented at the individual dojo's as sometimes students can not make the weekend.

    After our school awards . the KI Points tournament Divisional champions were announced. These were presented by Grand Master Madry and Sensei Kevin Salvadore. After the division awards were presented it was time to announce the 2016  KI Points Champion Grand Master Madry did the drum roll and impersonation of Vanna White displaying the Jacket . which was a varsity leather sleeved black jacket with the KI logo embroidered on the back in black and on the front it had the 2016 points champion and the students name in Gold lettering. This years honor went to Vincent Koludrovich from the Twinsburg KI.

    He his parents and his instructor had no idea this was happening as results were not given out until tonight. Great job Vincent. I have to say the black jacket went perfectly with Vincent's outfit Saturday he was dressed in all black dress shirt and pants.

    Great job young man KIA is proud of your accomplishment.

    The day was not done check out KI Lifetime achievement awards post.

  • November 07, 2016 7:04 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    Saturday night awards began with our Make A Wish  Top Contributor awards for 2016.This year many of the top contributors were in attendance to receive their recognition in front of the KI students and families from all the schools. 

    This year Make A Wish Representative Eileen was in attendance to present the plaques to our Michigan KI Tang Soo Do group. and to the KI Kajukenpo group. After a short introduction Eileen took the stage to speak and tell a little bit about what we had accomplished this year. When she was finished she introduced Charlie and his mom to the stage (Our Make A Wish family from Ohio this Year) 

    Charlies mom talked about what was done for them by Make A Wish and their trip to Disney World and how they were first in line for everything and their meeting with Mickey. as she spoke you could see how much this trip meant to Charlie and his family who were all at the banquet Saturday. Charlie took the stage to present out big check to Make A Wish Foundation on behalf of the Karate Institute of America. This years check was for $14,627.25. Great Job KI Students & Sponsors.

    The awards for top contributors this year was our T shirt displaying four past wishes , the total funds raised since 1990 and wishes granted. I am sure you will see them around. The wishes granted by Karate Institute is over 60 and the total raised is now over $403,000.00.

    OUTSTANDING. Thank you all from the KI Board of Directors.

    Read awards and  Promotion post to see how our night got even better.

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