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  • November 07, 2016 6:35 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    The nationals started with Black belt weapons and forms.

    The weapons competition showed the skills of the black belts with Bo staffs and the Sais this year. Many times we see Sword, Kali sticks, Three sectional staffs, but i do not think it mattered as each competitor performed they were greeted with applause from the audience. In black belt weapons for the first time was James Hosmer the Newest KI Black Belt . James performed well and finished with a 2nd Place.

    Black belt kata had ten competitors line up with with one being Grand Master Corpus who taught the seminar Friday night.  The competition was very close as .01 of a point separated four of the ten in scoring.  The honor of first place went to Grand Master Corpus who did an outstanding crisp and spirited kata.It was a pleasure to see in person.

    The competition throughout the day was hard and spirited a dozen adults lined up next for weapons. I would like to think they were pumped up by the black belts performance as I saw many in the adult weapons perform like I have seen them do before. Adam Kreigh took first place honor.

    Junior Weapons saw Vincent Koludrovich take first place honor against ten other competitors. Great job by all.

    The tournament saw many in the first competition and they were aided by the more experienced competitors throughout the day. Seeing the students helping each other throughout the day loaning sparring gear to one another  helping get geared up or just encouraging each other made me proud of all of them. I just wanted everyone to know the sportsmanship and friendship that took place on Saturday at the KI event.

    The tournament ended with black belt fighting which saw Josh Peters taking 1st place honors followed by James Hosmer , Dave Wolff and Dan confer. Great job by all who competed Saturday. 

    Quick note Josh Peters is responsible for James Hosmer being ready to test this weekend . those 7am Sunday workouts and 6 am weekday workouts paid off for Sensei Hosmer.

    Keep training.

    See tournament result post for complete results.

  • November 07, 2016 6:22 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    The tournament began with Team fighting. All of the KI Points divisional winners from 2016 squared off for team fighting. the team captains were Zachary Voelker from Twinssburg KI and Joseph Rangel from Munson KI.

    The Teams were Team A Sensei Voelker, Michael Secora,Rayma Johnson,Victor Wagner, Vincent Koludrovich, and Jordan Koby the youngest team member.

    Team B Sensei Rangel, Christian Loucka , Erica Olszewski, Aaron Granoff, Joseph Shamosh and Evan Sike Team B's youngest fighter.

    The teams lined up and bowed in . The first two fighters were sent in the matches were 90 seconds long and Team competition was to be decided by total point scored at the end by each team.

    The fighting was quick and controlled throughout the competition after 3 matches the teams were tied at 15/15 after the fourth match the score was 22/16 after the fifth match the score was 23/23 tied up again and after the final match the score ended at 27/26 for the winner Team A.

    Both teams lined up and bowed out they shook hands and exchanged a small gift in appreciation of their competition together.

    Just a small note Since 2006 Team A has gone undefeated. No matter who makes up the team they always seem to win. Great job by all  

  • November 07, 2016 5:51 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On November 5,2016 the KI National weekend was held at the American Croatian Hall in Eastlake Ohio.

    In attendance were students and instructors from Ohio , Michigan and our brothers from California . Styles represented were Kajukenpo, Tang Soo Do  and Kajukenbo.

    The weekend began with a seminar on Friday night at Munson KI . over 35 students came to learn Kajukenbo self defense from Grandmaster Corpus. (see post in KI News for more information)

    Saturday morning started the day with the Black Belt Style test for two candidates Josh Peters 3rd degree  candidate and James Hosmer a 1st degree candidate.This would be their final part of their test in their quest to reach their respective ranks.The candidates had already passed their 3 hour physical and technical test in September.

    This test has several requirements to pass. They must submit an outline of what they will be doing, the outline must be followed exactly, candidates must show basic to advanced self defense, their required katas ,they must stay in the time frame for their rank 8-12 minutes. for 1st and 2nd degree, requested time for higher ranks and they must show leadership and organizational skills.Any deviation from the outline ,lack of organization , lack of leadership, lack of self defense skills or going over or under the time frames is a failure in the portion of the test and candidates must wait six months to try again.

    The candidates began at 8:30 with the programs. First up was James Hosmer the Shodan candidate  who started at the age of eight with Munson KI and Josh Peter  Sandan Candidate(3rd Degree) who also started at the age of eight. both are now married and have their own children. Sensei Josh Peters twin girls have just began their training at Munson KI.

    The Ukes were flying around the hall for the next twenty five minutes as the candidates performed their test.

    At the conclusion of their style test the test board of Soke Algene Caraulia (founder of Karate Institute of America) Grandmaster Madry , Grandmaster Corpus & Professor Corpus ( Kajukenbo) Dave Wolff KI Tang Soo Do) Jay Maki ,Julie Madry and James Stuber adjourned to discus the results of the test.The results oif the test had to be unanimous by the board. One no pass vote meant failure for either candidate. After 30 minutes of discussion the board returned with the results. It was unanimous for both candidates the board felt they had both met their requirements and were to be promotes to their rank.

    The candidates lined up and all the Black belts in the room lines up on the side as each were given the moment in time which KIA calls the Rites of Passage. It is a moment i can tell you a candidate for black belt will always remember. It is a great feeling. Congratulations to both candidates.

    See KI National post for tournament information that immediately followed the testing.

  • November 06, 2016 9:34 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On November 4th at the Munson KI Grandmaster Corpus along with Professor Corpus from the California Kajukenbo group taught a seminar to about 36 participants from Kajukenbo group in Oberlin Ohio and students the Karate Institute of America in Chardon Cleveland and Twinsburg Ohio.

    The seminar went on for over two hours and the as the students were given kali sticks to perform self defense techniques used in Kajukenbo from the Tony Ramos self defense sets.

    The energy was very high throughout the night as students ranging from intermediate through black belt worked together.

    Both instructors took a group and worked with them on self defense techniques as the y got comfortable they moved the groups around the room.

    The seminar ended with a black belt promotion of Mr. Ray Anderson .

    Grand Master Corpus led the ceremony as all the students watched on students from Mr. Anderson school and the students from the Karate Institutes schools.

    Kajukenbo is the original style Soke Algene Caraulia trained in under Tony Ramos and found the Kajukenpo system we all study under today with the Karate Institute of America.

    It was great to have both styles come together and workout. As students were shown what to do some of the KIA black belts began to adapt their new found self defense into something else.

    It was a true night of martial arts training and sharing with one another .

    For those who missed this opportunity Grand Master Corpus has already planned to come back next year to ejoy the KI National weekend with us.

  • October 24, 2016 9:11 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On  Saturday October 22,2016 a seminar conducted by Soke Richard Fike was held at then Munson Karate Institute in Chardon.

    The seminar was on Combat Cord defense. The students learned how to use a cord to deflect blows counter and subdue the attacker with the Combat Cord.

    The seminar  was scheduled from 11-1pm but went on until 1:30 as the students and Mr. Fike were having to much excitement . Them learning and him teaching it to them.

    Many students had taken this seminar before and came back to review and hopefully pick up a little more information .

    The seminar ended with a group photo certificates being passed out and the group being led by Mr. Fike and Josh Topalian ( the youngest participant in the seminar) in the Twenty Two push up drill for the US Military.

    What a great day .

    Those that missed can wait til next time. Those that attended Mr. Fike did make you an offer to continue learning all you have to do is ask.

  • October 01, 2016 12:51 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    Master Luis Dabila passed away today October 1,2016. 

    Master Dabila trained with grandmaster Caraulia way back in the early 70's and was a loyal KIA instructor. 

    Master Dabila was the KIA historian any time a question arose about past KIA instructors or events he was our go to guy. He always remembered  who or when or what happened with  the KIA events.

    Master Dabila had the KI Golden Pyramid dojo for many years. He was a member of the PKC karate organization and was recognize by many different organizations for his dedication to the martial arts.  Master Dabila held rank in different styles as well as Kajukenpo. 

    He will be remembered for many things by many people who have competed, trained or just talked with him

    I will remember many moments in the times I had with Master Dabila 

    I remember competing at the American Warrior tournament years ago and we both finished in the Top. Three in kata beating out slot of younger black belts. And I said to a couple of them that they just got beat by a 67 year old man. Master Dabila hearing me said quit telling everyone how old I am. I meant it as a compliment that he was still

    Competing at 67 beating out he young puppies. He did not care as long as his age was not revealed. 

    Our KI snowmobile trip was the story for a long time master Dabila flew off his snowmobile and landing on the ground hard.  We sent someone to check on him and we heard GET AWAY FROM ME KID

    We knew he was good. 

    Master Dabila is gone but we will never forget him that I am sure. 

    To all of the Dabila family you are in our thoughts. 

    The KIA board of directors & students

  • July 25, 2016 10:42 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On June 24,2016 at 6:46 am  twenty eight KI Warriors set out on a seventy five mile bike hike to East Harbor Park in Marblehead Ohio. It was a beautiful day and in the low seventies with a little breeze a beautiful day for a bike hike. There were five first time  bikers for this event and each of them made it all the way to the finish line. 

    Larry Gray was in the first group with Taylor Slivka and her father Jim Slivka which finished in five hours+.

    The last group to come in finished at 2:45 pm finishing the hike in about 8 hours .

    The warriors relaxed at the camp site until their 2 mile run and an hour long workout with Grandmaster Madry. Afterwards they all enjoyed bikers stew prepared by Sensei Salvadore.

    Saturday morning started out with a 6 am  warrior run  of five miles. Twenty 18 went out on the morning run the bikers along with the sag wagon drivers from Fridays bike hike.The run was completed by everyone by 7:30 am . One hour later the group headed over to the workout area set up for the morning station s workout which featured six KIA black belts teaching various martial arts self defense sets.

    First up was Sensei Kevin Salvadore who taught an Aikido techniques.

    Sensei Zachary Voelker and Sensei Craig Zemanek entertained the group with a knife defense which had them focusing and thinking hard to make sure they got it correct. Also Sensei Voelker did arm locking techniques with reversal moves that had the students wondering.

     Time ended very quickly for the group or so it seemed as they were really in to it.

    Sensei Jay Maki went into control techniques which was fascinating to watch.


    Sensei James Stuber  utilized Kung Fu , Aikido,and Kajukenpo to show the many similarities and the different approaches to self defense.

    All of the instructors did a great job and the students were very focused throughout the workout.

    Next up was the 2016 Kick off for the title of Grand champion kicker for our Make A Wish Fundraiser.

    The kickers were Stephanie Watts Garcia driving all the way from St. Louis Missouri to attend and Sensei Capirano from the Cleveland KI were are kickers this year.

    The kickers kicked for 1 minute and the results were totaled but the announcement was not revealed until after dinner and the KI Trivia was over.

    The tally in case you were wondering was 46 kicks to 45kicks   WINNER 

    Stephanie Watts-Garcia 2016 Grand Champion Kicker


    Congratulations to both kickers a job well done.



  • July 25, 2016 6:36 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On July 23,2016 about 45 students competed at the Sumer tournament held at the Twinsburg  KI.

    The day went fast and so was the competition. Students from Cleveland Twinsburg ,Munson and even Battlecreek Michigan attended the event.

    Competition was strong in all the division right down to the Mini Peewee's 5-6 year old.

    Your instructors should be proud of all of you. The sportsmanship was at its best.

    A young student made cupcakes and donated all the profits to Make A Wish for our KIA Kick A Thon

    Sensei Brown offered  to match whatever she raised from her sale. So at the end of the day someone bought the remainder of her cupcakes and gave her $100.00 which Sensei Brown will match on top of the money she had already collected. Great job young lady and thank you Sensei Brown from the children at Make A Wish and the KIA.

  • January 31, 2016 7:58 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    on January 30,2016 the Karate Institute of America students participated in the 40th Annual King Cobra Tournament in Erie PA. Grandmaster Madry along with Sensei Stuber took students to the tournament some for the first time in an outside event.Theier were many alumni of the tournament host by Master John Barton.

    Over 600 competitors gathered at the event from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Florida Canada and even England.The KIA has particicpated in this event for many years going back to the begining in 1976.

    There were many famous Martial artist that attended that started out in this event. Everett Eddy Artis Simmons John Bell, Dennis Janes, and Billy Blanks . For those of you that do not recognize Billy Blanks he is responsible for the TaeBo  exercise program.

    THe KIA students this year were Caleb Hawkins who fought hard but did not place in sparring and gathered a 1st place in Weapons Kata.

    Alex King who also fought hard losing his match 5-3  but held his own in the Advanced division as he was moved up from the intermediate division. We are proud of the way you fought Alex. Mr. King also took 2nd place in Kata.

    John Smith from Munson Had a good outing gatrhering a 4th place in Kata and a 3rd place in Sparring Doing this in his first outrside tournament was quite an accomplishment. Good Job Sir.

    Sensei Salvadore Ccompeting in this event in black belt division gained great experience. He did a nice job with a large division and will assuredly be rerady to advanced in his next competition.

    Sensei Peters also in the same division did well for his first outing in a while in a large tournament event. Sensei Peters lost his first match 5-3 but was paired up to someone that made him look small. You just never know who you have to fight. 

    Overall the KIA students represented the KIA well at the Cobra and are looking forward to the next event.

  • January 25, 2016 8:17 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On July 20 at the Munson KI a Womens Self Defense class will be held beginning at 6:30pm-7:30pm. This two hour class will cover basic self defense and common sense self defense. The certified instructors at the Munson Karate Institute will take the particpants through wrist grabs chokes , from the front and grabs from behind in the special womens only class. The program will run from July 20 through August 17th. Every Wednesday for 5 weeks.

    Call today to save your spot.  440-285-0871 or e mail 


    The cost is $15.00per class or all 5 Classes for $55.00


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