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  • June 17, 2013 7:32 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On June 15th Sensei Maki , Sensei Salvadore , Sensei Slivka  and Sensei Rangel led the workout on Kelley's Island . Each instructor took the students thru techniques or self defense different than what they were use to. Sensei Slivka  Chanbara padded weapons were a big hit with everyone. Trust me a BIG HIT. Sensei Rangel showed the Kali stick movements and for some the beginning of a kata. Sensei Salvadore showed self defense involving many twist and turns some of the persons neck. Sensei Maki showed a different approach to ma sweep or reap if you will that brought a light on the possibilities  of what can be done with other take downs. The students left the workout with a new understanding of  their techniques a little wiser and probably a little sorer.


  • June 17, 2013 7:16 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    On June 14th  nineteen KI bikers set out for Kelley's Island from the Cleveland KI on West 115th and Lorain Ave. The hike began with the annual group photo afterwards the bikers headed out for their seventy five mile bike hike. This years rout was a little different than last years due to the filming of Captain America in Cleveland Ohio this month. The first five miles were down W. 117th to Lake Rd. Then lake road to Clifton Blvd. Then the bikers were back on Lake Road again. The day was perfect for the hike it was cool and sunny most of the day. There were four new riders to the bike hike Aiden Rhodes the youngest of the group at thirteen, Hubert Hoffman, Henry Ashburn ( who drove with his dad for 12 hours to compete in this event) and Kristen Engst from Twinsburg. All the riders completed the hike even the first time riders. While all the riders showed spirit there was one that Showed the KIA WARRIOR SPIRIT. This rider had done it all before. Once having to leave in the middle of the bike hike due to a family emergency, once because they could not go anymore but this time they would not be denied more than halfway thru the ride they were hit by a car and pulled along for several feet before going down. They were attended to by the police and paramedics after being checked out and bandaged up they continued on the ride body bruised and damaged but not the SPIRIT. This years KIA WARRIOR SPIRIT on the KI Bike Hike is Awarded to MARION SEAGRAVES.


  • June 17, 2013 7:03 AM | James Stuber (Administrator)

    In June 15th the Grand championship kickoff was held on Kelley's Island the kickers for this event were Henry Ashburn traveling all the way from Houghton Michigan a 12 hour trip and Joey  Strano from Chardon Ohio. Mr. Ashburn came for  whole weekend  kickoff Bike hike workout , Summer games and cookout. Mr. Strano could only make the kick off. He and his family came over on the ferry just so Joey could kick. Now that is KIA spirit and dedication by both students. The Grand champion kick off was held after the morning workout. both the kickers watched as Sensei Stuber demonstrated how they must kick for the one minute time frame. The counters this year were Sensei Salvadore, Sensei Jay Maki, Sensei Mark Rhodes  and Miss Stephanie Watts-Garcia. Three of the four counter are former Grand champion kickers. After the kick off was over it was announced the results would be announced at dinner later that night. Mr. Strano had other commitments so he had to leave but after dinner Sensei Guest was able to get reception on the phone when the announcement was made. Sensei Stuber announced the kick totals 64 kicks were counted by the two counters for one kicker and 67 kicks were counted for the other kicker by the other two counters. The kick off was very close. The announcement was made Mr. Henry Ashburn was the 2013 Grand champion kicker for this year and would take the cup back to Copper Country KI for the year. Congratulations to Mr. Ashburn and Mr. Strano for showing true KI dedication.

  • May 11, 2013 9:49 PM | James Stuber (Administrator)

     The annual KIA Summer Games and Bike Hike were held at Kelley's Island on June 14-16th . The weekend began with a seventy five mile bike hike from Cleveland Ohio to Kelley's Island on June 14th Friday. Once to the island the bikers pitched the camp site and relaxed until morning. At sixish am all KIA Warriors began the five mile run around the island once completed there was time to relax and have breakfast before the one and a half hour workout with some of KIA's Black belts the students at the workout the students learned from instructors many different self defense techniques and weapons  self defense At 11am the KIA Black belt test was held. Sensei Rick Capirano tested for his Nidan (second Degree Black Belt). Sensei Capirano performed before the KIA testing board of sensei Maki , Sensei Brandes, Sensei Julie Madry , Sensei James Stuber and Grandmaster Eugene Madry. The test showed basic to advanced self defense and was well organized. There were bodies flying in the air as Mr. Capirano performed his test in the end all ukes were uninjured and ready for the results by the board. Mr. Capirano joined the ranks of Nidan  with the Karate Institute of America. Congratulations Sensei Capirano.

  • April 21, 2013 1:54 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to the new KIA website! The KIA has intergrated all online services for membership registration and KIA Events into the KIA website.

    Please take a few minutes to look through and check out the new features of the website! Current features are national membership registration and tournament registration. Upcoming features will include online registration for belt testing and other KIA National Events. Also, feel free to subscribe to the KIA RSS feed to receive automatic updates regarding what's new with the KIA!

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