Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt
(SCHCHI KYU 7th Class)

Dojo Rules and Regulations
Adults:  30 Class Hours or
1 Tournament and 2 Katas
Kata:  Taihokyo and Pinan 1
Junior Warriors:  3 Stripes

Log Sheets endorsed by Certified Instructor

Execute and explain ALL Techniques in Yellow Belt Requirements:

DACHI WAZA(Stances)                                                          SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUES:  
    1.  KIBA DACHI (Horse Stance)                                                        - IPPON KUMITE KATA                                                                               
    2.  ZEN KUTSO DACHI (Forward Balance Stance)                       - 1st and 2nd Series (right side)
    3. Ko Kutsu Dachi (Back Balance Stance)
    4. Neko Dachi (Cat Stance)
                                                                                                                     1. Parallel Wrist
UKE WAZA (Blocking Techniques)                                         2. Cross Wrist (2)
    1.  JO DAN AGE UKE (High Rising Block)                                       3. Front Choke (2)
    2.  CHUDAN UKE (Middle Outward Block)                                      4.  Hammerlock (2)
    3.  GEDAN UKE (Low Block)                                                              5.  Bear Hug
    4.  SOTO UKE (Inward Block)                                                                   - right side only for all escapes
    5. SHUTO UKE (Knife Hand Block)
                                                                                                                  VULNERABLE POINTS
TE WAZA (Hand Techniques)                                                    1. Temples
    1.  SHUTO (Knife Hand)                                                                      2. Point of Chin
    2.  TETTUI (Hammer Fist)                                                                   3. Throat
    3.  HAN UCHI KEN  (Flat Fist)                                                            4. Solar Plexis
    4.  TATE (Vertical Fist)                                                                       5. Groin
    5.  KUMADE (Bear Hand)                                                                     6. Knees
    6. SEIKEN (Punch)                                                                                7. Top of Foot
    7. URA KEN (Back Fist)

GERI WAZA (Kicking Techniques)                                       SPARRING
    1. MAE GERI (Front Kick)
    2. YOKO GERI (Side Kick)
    3. MAEWASHI GERI (Roundhouse Kick)
    4. USHIRO GERI (Back Kick)



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