Purple Belt

Purple Belt
(YON KYU 4th Class)

Age Requirement: 14 years old
Treatises: Importance of Stances
             Preparatory of Kata
30 Class Hours
2 Tournaments
Kata:  Pinan III and Gaki Sei
Junior Warriors:  5 Stripes

Log Sheets endorsed by Certified Instructor
Fulfill all Club, Regional, and National Requirements
Complete Assigned Teaching Hours

Execute and explain the following Basic Techniques:

A.  DACHI WAZA(Stances)                                                                 SELF DEFENSE:  IPPON KUMITE KATA
    1.  TSURU DACHI (Crane Stance)                                                              LINE TAKEDOWN
    2.  HANGETSU DACHI (Wide Hour Glass Stance)                                       - Left and Right Side
    3.  SANCHIN DACHI (Hour Glass Stance)                                                 INSIDE SERIES
    4.  KO NEKO DACHI (Mocified Cat Stance)                                             JUMP KICK SERIES

UKE WAZA (Blocking Techniques)                                             MULTIPLE ATTACK (2 Lines)
    1.  MAWASHI UKE (Roundhouse Block)                                                   Explanation of Multiple Defense Strategy
    2.  KAKE UKE (Hooking Block)                                                                         
    3.  ASHI UKE (Blocking with feet)
    4.  KAKIWAKE UKE (Wedge Block)                                                     KUMITE:  ENTRY TECHNIQUES:
                                                                                                                            1.  Flip Kick
TE WAZA (Hand Techniques)                                                            2.  a. Foot Sweep Punch
    1.  IPPON NUKITE (One Finger Thrust)                                                         b. Foot Sweep Fake to Roundhouse Kick
    2.  NIHON NUKITE (Two Finger Thrust)                                                  3.  Spin Back Kick                                                  
    3.  NAKADATE (Middle Finger, One Knuckle Strike)                                          
    4.  IPPON KEN  (One Knuckle Strike)
                                                                                                                         COUNTERS TO:
GERI WAZA (Kicking Techniques)                                                  1.  Foot Sweep
    1.  MAE TOBI GERI (Jump Front Kick)                                                    2.  Roundhouse Kick
    2.  YOKO TOBI GERI (Jump Side Kick)                                                   3.  Gi Grabbing
    3.  MAWASHI TOBI GERI (Jump Roundhouse Kick)
    4.  USHIRO TOBI GERI (Jump Back Kick)                                          PURPLE BELT BLOCKING SERIES
    5.  HAKU GERI (Hook Kick)

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