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The Karate Institute of America is an open martial arts association that welcomes members from all different martial arts styles to participate in our tournaments and events.  Centered in Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit MI, the KI has members and hosts tournaments and events throughout the Midwest. 

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Please check out the different events and tournaments offered through the year and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Recent News

November 14, 2017 7:50 AM • James Stuber
November 14, 2017 7:33 AM • James Stuber
November 14, 2017 7:33 AM • James Stuber

Community service

Did you know, that besides our Make-a-wish support, that the Karate Institute of America frequently performs community service?  KIA has been involved in training law enforcement officers as well as elementary school students.  We are always looking for ways to promote martial arts and give back to the community.

Dressing up for the Awards Banquet
Students working the Kali sticks.
Sensei Maki & Henry Ashburn from Copper Country KI enjoying the seminar
Sisters enjoying the Kali Stick fighting seminar
Sensei Vernon & Sensei Vernon Kali stick fighting seminar
Sensei's Stuber, Rangel,Vernon and Peters at the KI National Championship The four took 1st thru fourth place in Black Belt forms
Sensei Williamson& Sensei Rangel mixing it up at the Kali Seminar
Taylor & Ryan waiting for more instruction at the seminar
Warrior Weekend 2015 begins...
and STAY down!
Grappling techniques ala Sensei Brown
you can always tap out...
Knife defense...
our turn to practice...
wrist locks...
and arm bars...
Peek-a-boo... GUESS WHO!!!
and more arm bars...
Kick-a-thon championship kickoff 2015... GO KIA!!!
Congratulations Ms. Leah Harper, Kick-a-thon champion 2015.
Summer games... up close and personal...
Kick, step... kick, step...
you can't catch me, Dad...
At least we're not THAT team...
HOW do we stand up like this???
relaxing after the summer games...
more knife defense? Or dinner preparation... YOU decide!
Sunday breakfast at Big Boppers... See you all next year!
Bike Hike 2014 begins... Sensei Rangel is psyched!
A little cat-nap after their 75-mile trek.
On the warrior 5-mile run... sunrise over Kelley's Island.
Copper Country warrior, Stephanie Watts-Garcia, running like a boss!
The ONLY WAY to slow down a KIA warrior!
Synchronized Kata (blindfolded)
Relaxing before the Steak Roast
Chilling out
Worn out from the bike hike
Bike Hike completed!

Upcoming events

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Membership Renewal Reminder
Students are reminded that KIA memberships expired on 12/31/17. Renewing online is quick and easy.

Students with active memberships benefit with reduced rates on all KIA tournaments and events!  As part of your KIA membership, members earn points in competition as part of the Annual Point Series. 

Without a current membership, students will not be allowed to belt/stripe test. Additionally, non-member pricing will be in effect for all KIA points tournaments.


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